Forbes Magazine: How To Stick By The Resolutions That Will Kick-Start Your Business Growth

By Ash Kumra and Seline Shenoy

The start of a new year offers the promise of another chance to progress further in both our personal lives and in our businesses. We have an opportunity to start afresh and recalibrate ourselves for new goals and missed opportunities from the previous years. Yet study after study has shown that although most people start off the year filled with a sense of hope and enthusiasm, their efforts to act on their resolutions fall short within the first couple of months.

For example, if one of your business resolutions this year was to improve your work-life balance by delegating more, you may be successful for a few weeks. But if you still find it challenging to loosen your grip and trust others, you’ll eventually revert back to an overwhelming work schedule.

The good news is that with the right perspective and tools, this challenge can be easily overcome.

Start With “Why”

We can begin creating this internal shift by first crystallizing our vision for what we want to manifest in our lives and then backing it up with a strong enough “why,” i.e. the reason why we are so passionate about accomplishing this vision.

Let’s say that one of your resolutions for your business is to focus more on promoting your products and services. You need to first get clear on why that is important to you. Besides increasing sales and profitability, maybe you truly believe that your offerings will make a difference in the lives of your potential customers and this is your way of contributing to the world.

The key to making resolutions stick is by attaching them to deeper and more meaningful intentions. From Steve Jobs to Walt Disney, every single successful entrepreneur in history was a visionary who created his or her businesses from a place of purpose and passion.

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Source/Date: Forbes Magazine/January 2015

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